Movie2MemCard 2.9

Complete video conversion application for your PPC

Movie2Memcard allows you to convert almost all video formats (no DVD due to legal restrictions in most countries) for playback on almost any portable device capable of video playback. Offering a choice of availiable output formats unmatched by any other product, Movie2Memcard can convert movies for playback on devices not even availiable on the market. Most devices even support multiple formats, so you can choose one that will even play on multiple devices.

Main Features:


The single most important feature of Movie2Memcard. Batch Conversion allows you to select multiple files from a folder to convert them for playback on your selected device. The capability to select numerous (10's, 100's or even 1000's) files, adjust a few settings, and start the conversion is something that has been the main interest for development of Movie2Memcard. With the new "Add to List" feature, you can even queue up the same selection of files using different settings or even for a different device using a different format.

Freedom of Choice

Unlike competitor products, who choose quality settings according to their taste, you have the freedom to adjust the settings that make a difference, using your own judgement. If you prefer more files with a lower quality setting, you can choose to do so. If you prefer the best quality possible, and file size is of no concern, you can choose to do so. Prefer a better video quality over sound quality, go right ahead. Don't care about the sound, but rather have a better video quality, no problem.


This is used for removal of black borders of movie files, or to cut off something of the movie to make it fit better on the screen of your device. Using the crop sliders, you can adjust the parts you want to remove of the resulting video to improve video quality or to get a nice full screen playback. Movie2Memcard does not offer you a limitation of fixed presets. You decide what parts you want to remove or not.



Movie2MemCard 2.9